Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson dead. Miss you MJ :(

He was (and will remain) the King of Pop. Remember his moves, his jive… his break-dance. Not one of these new-gen pop-stars can match his charisma and charm. Everybody loved him, except may be MJ himself. The following video captures his infamous ‘transformation’.

May his soul rest in peace.

Michael Jackson's Transformation

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A sneak peak into my workplace


This is a little sneak-peak into how dumb-founded people can be at workplace. I came across this damsel who demanded to see the preview of all documents (like it happens for pictures – when you roll mouse over a picture, a preview blows up giving you a clearer view of the pic). Some of these documents were word docs and excels sheets. She wanted to see preview for those as well. :P :P

So, this little comic strip is dedicated to her.

Two more attacks on Indians in Australia

Sad. Another incident. It has been 14 days since this furore started and it doesn't seem to come to an end.

Detailed news story here.

Let's hope good sense prevails soon.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Indians attacked in Australia: Aren't Indians racist?

News websites are rife with reports of ‘racist’ attack on Indian students in Australia. All reports are condemning the attack. Needless to say it is sad and uncalled for. Many have termed these as ‘communal attacks’ blatantly, while others have played them down by classifying as ‘opportunistic crimes’.

Suddenly everyone is asking / inquiring about hate crimes (if at all they are so)? Why are only Indians being attacked? And so on. Some say Indians are 'gobbling' jobs from other countries. Indian BPO/KPO etc have caused business losses to many firms aboard. Similarly, NRIs take prime positions in firms abroad. As a result there's lot of resentment in the native population.

OK May be. But what about the Indians?

Aren't we communal? Don't we look down upon folks who come from Bangladesh and mop floors in India? In fact just months ago Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) thrashed a handful of 'north-Indian's because these folks were making a living in Mumbai (which is supposedly in west-India). Wasn’t that communal?

Don't we classify ourselves in niche categories as north-Indian, Gujjus, north-east Indians, south-Indians, Brahmins, Mallus, Punjabis, Paharis and whoever. In fact this sense of identity (or pseudo-identity) is prevalent even in the most civilized circles of society.

I've heard people often say with pride, “hum logo mein to aisa nahin hota hai". (This doesn’t happen in our society)

Usually it cascades in the following order - I >>Me >> north-Indian >> Hindu >> Brahmin

Have heard people boasting about their castes and creeds often. Then how are we different from the assailants? Or how are people/groups like MNS different from the goons?

Aren’t we racist? Then why just pin-point a handful of Australians? Why make a hue and cry of this situation when we fall in the same category?