Monday, October 26, 2009

Of a peacock called Coco

This is not a fable guys. There’s a peacock in my neighbourhood (at South Extension, New Delhi) that is called Coco.

Funny…. Huh. I mean a peacock called Coco. There’s a fashion designer called Coco Chanel and then cocoa beans can be called ‘coco (pronunciation: koko)’ colloquially, but a peacock called Coco?

I spotted this peacock one morning on my way back from morning jog in mid-August. I presumed the bird must have flied into South Extension from nearby areas. It looked very pretty. It was walking along a road with its beautiful plumage held high. I thought it was a snooty bird and was acting too pricey. Anyway, I grabbed this moment in my phone.

I saw it again last week (in October) in the same neighbourhood. I was stunned. Just before I could grab my mobile phone again (to click a picture), an old man standing on the road side asked me if this bird was beautiful. I nodded. Indeed it was. This man swelled with pride and declared, “Humne pala hai. Iska naam Coco hai” (This is our pet. We call it Coco).

I really didn’t know what to say. I just smiled and walked along. Check out Coco – the peacock here.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Finally discovered God’s abode – He runs a hospital!!!

Sounds funny but it’s true (see the picture below). I spotted a small dispensary in Chandigarh that is called ‘GOD HOSPITAL’. Can you believe it?

This is a reminiscence of my latest trip to the city. This ‘hospital’ is located at Sector 18. I spotted it at the end of a lane. And yes, people queued up outside the ‘GOD HOSPITAL’ to find cures for their headaches/stomach aches.

Finally, I know where God works. Next time I’ll address all my queries to this hospital, like:
- Why does this (mess) happen with me?
- Why don’t hardworking people get their due?
- Why are people so fake?
- Why is it necessary to be every one's favourite?
And the most awaited question, when will I lose some flab?

Do you have any questions for God??? Think..... Think..... You could post them in the ‘comments’ section. I will forward it to him :):)