Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Amazing Andamans and the spoilers

Ah, finally I get to update the blog. Was cringing to update the blog for long. But some attributions kept me off from the cyber space for more than a month.

Have joined workplace again, albeit in a new avatar. Thanks to this new get up, I have a new found recognition in the office. Many hailed the ‘new look’. And still many others cheekily asked, “how’z it going?”

More on these concerns later.

Have many-many memories, moments and thoughts to share with blog readers. Here’s one such musing.

Spotted this one in the Andamans. Tourists who throng this beautiful and serene island surely know how to leave their pug marks. Please note the heap of garbage piled in front of a temple. Ugly spots like this will shoo away more travelers.

What say?


Monday, October 26, 2009

Of a peacock called Coco

This is not a fable guys. There’s a peacock in my neighbourhood (at South Extension, New Delhi) that is called Coco.

Funny…. Huh. I mean a peacock called Coco. There’s a fashion designer called Coco Chanel and then cocoa beans can be called ‘coco (pronunciation: koko)’ colloquially, but a peacock called Coco?

I spotted this peacock one morning on my way back from morning jog in mid-August. I presumed the bird must have flied into South Extension from nearby areas. It looked very pretty. It was walking along a road with its beautiful plumage held high. I thought it was a snooty bird and was acting too pricey. Anyway, I grabbed this moment in my phone.

I saw it again last week (in October) in the same neighbourhood. I was stunned. Just before I could grab my mobile phone again (to click a picture), an old man standing on the road side asked me if this bird was beautiful. I nodded. Indeed it was. This man swelled with pride and declared, “Humne pala hai. Iska naam Coco hai” (This is our pet. We call it Coco).

I really didn’t know what to say. I just smiled and walked along. Check out Coco – the peacock here.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Finally discovered God’s abode – He runs a hospital!!!

Sounds funny but it’s true (see the picture below). I spotted a small dispensary in Chandigarh that is called ‘GOD HOSPITAL’. Can you believe it?

This is a reminiscence of my latest trip to the city. This ‘hospital’ is located at Sector 18. I spotted it at the end of a lane. And yes, people queued up outside the ‘GOD HOSPITAL’ to find cures for their headaches/stomach aches.

Finally, I know where God works. Next time I’ll address all my queries to this hospital, like:
- Why does this (mess) happen with me?
- Why don’t hardworking people get their due?
- Why are people so fake?
- Why is it necessary to be every one's favourite?
And the most awaited question, when will I lose some flab?

Do you have any questions for God??? Think..... Think..... You could post them in the ‘comments’ section. I will forward it to him :):)


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Allen Solly's campaign: Is it bad to be ugly?

"I Hate Ugly" cries out Allen Solly's new promotional slogan. (See the poster attached)

Just noticed it in an e-mail from the company. Was wondering why everybody is hell-bent on proclaiming ugly as bad? These are two different things - being ugly and being bad.

Ugly, by popular understanding - refers to something that is not very appealing to look at, something that is unattractive. The most popular reference being to that of looks (physical beauty). Most common usage being - She is pretty but her sister is ugly.

But again if you pluck the philosophical chord, ask yourself - What is pretty? This is all very subjective. I many find pink as a very pretty colour, somebody else may find it ugly. Right? So ugly or pretty - this classification is based on our social and mental conditioning like preferences, prejudices, experiences, upbringing, beliefs etc.


If you like blue and may be I just don’t like it, so should I hate blue? Another example - if a person is not very good looking (is ugly so to say), so should we hate that person?

This question is ticking in my mind ever since I've read "I Hate Ugly" campaign.

Don't think we need to hate ugly things, we just need to accept them, if not appreciate them at all. After all, the world isn’t all White and Black, it’s Grey. We need to have ugly things around so that we can value the pretty things. Isn’t it?

- Would you hate an unattractive person (ugly) person simply because he/she isn’t good looking?
- Would you shun ugly things only because you don’t appreciate them in your world.

Please post your thoughts in the 'comments' section.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Travel Tales: When strangers turn angels

This is one of my favourite memoirs. I was travelling to Shimla for a puja at home (PS: Shimla is my hometown, Delhi is my temporary hideout). It was the end of January and the temperatures were touching sub-zero levels. It was biting cold in Delhi. I was anticipating that it would be worst in Shimla. I packed enough woolens with me and covered myself from head to toe. I usually prefer an over-night journey to reach Shimla.

My journey started at 8pm from Delhi ISBT. I had booked a seat near window and was happy that there would be no disturbance. I plugged music into my ears and was lost in Smokie's "Who the f*#@k is Alice". Just then, a stranger came my way, pushing his huge rucksack against me and asking me if I could adjust it under my seat. He was mid-aged, well built man. There was some space at my end and he pleaded me to fit his stuff there.

I was irritated, and then mom's words hammered in my mind. "Don't speak to strangers, don't eat anything that strangers offer," are some of her favourite travel advices. I frowned at him and declined. He didn't say anything. I thought he was cheeky and decided to be at a distance from him.

Meanwhile, mum called up to inquire if I was comfortable. The journey from Delhi takes about 7-8 hours by bus. I had had a long day at office earlier and my head was aching. She adviced me to have coffee during the travel interval. I shrugged it off.

When the bus halted at Chandigarh, many passengers got down to grab eatables. I was dead asleep. My 'friendly' neighbour tapped my shoulder. He got coffee for me. He said, "I heard you talking to your mum. You have a headache. Please have this coffee. It will help you. I heard your mum saying the same". I stared at him. "No thanks. Please keep to yourself," was my curt reply. I cursed the damn Moto-Razer. This guy had heard every word of my conversation. "Thesh damn slim phones. You can overhear every word spoken into them. This guy has a glad eye," I declared in my mind. He left the place.

The journey re-started. Within 4 hours we reached Shimla bus stop. But boy.... it has started snowing there. It was 6am but seemed like midnight. It was pitch dark and dead cold outside. A sheat of snow covered the city. Amazing view, but I was stuck. How would I go home now?
I panicked and called dad. Initially my plan was to take a taxi back home, but then usually no taxis are available in such scenarios.

Actually, it becomes risky to drive in snowy weather. Shimla has very narrow roads, running up and down the slopes. Any vehicle can skid in bad weather conditions. In fact people prefer staying back homes .

Now this was true for dad as well. He asked me to wait for a while at the bus stop. He was hoping the weather would become clearer in next 2 hours, then he could drive down to ferry me. Most passengers had left the place. Most of them were families/couples and had figured some way to get back.

Being a lone woman traveller, I was stranded there. I picked up my stuff and stood in a corner. Along came my ‘friendly'neighbour. I had hoped that he too, like the others would have left the bus stop. He said," I heard you speaking to your dad. Your dad will take time to be here. Why do you want to wait in cold. My driver is coming this way. He's driving a Safari, a sturdy car. It won’t skid. If you wish you could come along."

I was in a hopeless situation. Be with him or stand alone in a bus stop - what could I do?
He was like an albatross. Before I could jump any guns, he declared "You are like my sister. She is married, now lives in the US. She studied in Delhi and often came back home in the night bus. Hence I can understand the challenges of a lone woman passenger. Therefore, I offered you coffee"

Before I could utter anything he left the scene. I was more troubled now. I had nowhere to go.
He came back after five minutes. I hadn't anticipated this. In this meanwhile he had spoken to one more family who were looking for a transport option. He offered them helped and then came to speak to me again.

I just couldn't believe that such people STILL exist. Now, it we were four of us. I felt more secured and agreed to be a part of this troupe. We boarded this guy's SUV. They dropped me first. I invited these people for breakfast and we feasted on hot parathas and tea. Meanwhile it had stopped snowing. The weather had become clearer.

After dropping me, these people left for their avenues.

After this incident, I firmly believe that ANGELS do exist. They are all around us. Just open your eyes, you will be able to spot an angel near you - in your office, your neighbourhood.

Till you find one, or try to be an angel to someone. If nothing else, just be polite to others. What say?


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

House's That

Here's a quick take on real estate sales. Have created this comic from a joke.

Do lemme know if it tickles your funny bone. ChoW!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Linking with the right people on Linkedin

Advertising is one of the finest and the cleverest form of communication.

Read somebody's profile on social media forum Linkedin. And couldnt help but conclude that advertising have gotten into the basics of life.

"Web-evangelist" said somebody's Linkedin profile. This person is a senior at workplace. For those who are unfamiliar with Linkedin, the dope is that Linkedin is a social media tool where professionals display their work achievements and add their colleagues/friends/acquaintances to their profile. This is called 'connecting' with people.

Anyway, back to the evangelist fellow. He is connected to me and I browsed his profile. "Web-evangelist" was just one of the few claims he had made of himself. There were other glorious descriptions like "experienced professional with deep understanding of the medium.... pioneer".

My heart sighed. Having known this person in real life. I know for sure that not one aota of this matches his real life persona. He is talented, no doubts about that. This is why he occupies an esteemed position in a reputed media company. Sadly he is nowhere the "pioneer and evangelist" material.

I mean its ok to use these words when required.. may be they seem meaningful in Ratan Tata or Azim Premji's profile. But they certainly do not justify any fool's CV. If he is a strategist then what should Narayan Murthy call himself - God.

May be this was his (my office chap's) way of advertising his profile on Linkedin. And he's not alone. Browse through any profile and it will talk of 'strategists, entreprenuers etc'

Wonder if these 'tricks' can help you create the right impression on fellows around. I personally have less than one drop of respect for this fellow. God bless the others in his tribe who use glorious words to describe themselves but do meagre little to justify it.

Have you had similar experiences? Do share in the 'comments' section.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Do you want your wish granted?

Spotted a gem at Patni Top, Jammu. I was holidaying there with friends last month. We visited a temple dedicated to Sheshnag (the God of Snakes). I saw something very interesting here.

Hindus follow a practice of tying holy threads (mauli or kalawa in Hindi) to trees near temples and sacred places. The idea being that you make a wish while tying this thread and after the Lord has fulfilled your wish, you take off the thread. Again (as is a common practice in Hinduism), every body has different connotation of this ritual. Many people tie small red flags; others may even tie a coconut as a mark of appeasement to the Lord.

Here people had tied red ribbons and their visiting cards along with the ribbons! Can you beat that!

It seemed as if each of these devotees wanted Lord to remember their address so that he doesn't confuse the address while granting people's wishes. He he. Many local businessmen, travel agents, student coaching institutions had put up their visiting cards. May be they thought it was the best was to appease lord.

Check out the picture to believe my words.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Not ready to face the truth, Sach Ka Samna hits the nail

Reality show Sach Ka Samna (Face The Truth) hit the wrong notes last week when some MPs wanted it banned. “What crap,” I said.

Don’t think may people watched it till then, but many are talking about it - especially referring to how it is crossing the limits et all.

Actually it’s not about the show; it’s about the fact that not many of us are comfortable accepting and admitting to things that we do/have done/pretend that we do. I watched one episode where a gentleman called Allwyn D’Souza (sorry if I’ve got his name wrong) admitted that his 9-month old marriage was not all hunky-dory, his wife dictated the terms in their relationship and some other not so pleasant things about his life.

Somewhere I was asking all these questions to myself. Some of them did relate to my life as well, like - do you think you have chosen the right career, are you happy with your life etc. Am sure others spectators must be going through this introspection as well, where they can relate to questions being asked to the contestants. To my surprise (and embarrassment) the answer to many such questions was ‘No’ :(. I was disturbed. I don’t want to admit to few things in public. (Remember, I have a so-called public image to live up to). Am sure there are many like me. I won’t own up to certain things even if I was being rewarded handsomely. It can cause me my job/relationships/peace of mind/happiness – in short, everything.

Was I the only one offended with these questions?

No. A random survey in the office, Twitter, Orkut and Facebook helped me find many others like me :)

Many colleagues squirmed at the mention of Sach Ka Samna. One of them said, “I won’t bare my secrets even if the producers were to make me the king.” Another friend said, “I am ready to talk about anything relating to my life but it is related others (family/friends/exs) as well. It would be disturbing for them.” Clearly, he would stay away from any such experiments. One colleague giggled. Said, “Are you crazy. Why should I puncture holes in my boat when the sailing is so smooth? My past/ my opinions/ my aspirations are a part of my life. Can’t let anyone peep into it.”

Only two friends (Mishty and Avantika) agreed upon spilling the beans from their lives. May be they are too honest and brave to admit everything that they have done. As for me, I would quietly join the motley crowd where every one wears a mask, pretending to be honest while trying to hide the skeletons in our cupboards.

As for the show, I admit it’s not crap.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Chess Sandwich, anyone?

Hey, I spotted this spell error in Katra, via enroute to Vaishno Devi. A road-side eating joint had its menu written on the wall and … these guys were selling CHESS SANDWICHES :)

Ok, I’m being nasty here. Actually these people wanted to say Cheese Sandwiches. These tid-bits make life little interesting. Don't they?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson dead. Miss you MJ :(

He was (and will remain) the King of Pop. Remember his moves, his jive… his break-dance. Not one of these new-gen pop-stars can match his charisma and charm. Everybody loved him, except may be MJ himself. The following video captures his infamous ‘transformation’.

May his soul rest in peace.

Michael Jackson's Transformation

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A sneak peak into my workplace


This is a little sneak-peak into how dumb-founded people can be at workplace. I came across this damsel who demanded to see the preview of all documents (like it happens for pictures – when you roll mouse over a picture, a preview blows up giving you a clearer view of the pic). Some of these documents were word docs and excels sheets. She wanted to see preview for those as well. :P :P

So, this little comic strip is dedicated to her.

Two more attacks on Indians in Australia

Sad. Another incident. It has been 14 days since this furore started and it doesn't seem to come to an end.

Detailed news story here.

Let's hope good sense prevails soon.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Indians attacked in Australia: Aren't Indians racist?

News websites are rife with reports of ‘racist’ attack on Indian students in Australia. All reports are condemning the attack. Needless to say it is sad and uncalled for. Many have termed these as ‘communal attacks’ blatantly, while others have played them down by classifying as ‘opportunistic crimes’.

Suddenly everyone is asking / inquiring about hate crimes (if at all they are so)? Why are only Indians being attacked? And so on. Some say Indians are 'gobbling' jobs from other countries. Indian BPO/KPO etc have caused business losses to many firms aboard. Similarly, NRIs take prime positions in firms abroad. As a result there's lot of resentment in the native population.

OK May be. But what about the Indians?

Aren't we communal? Don't we look down upon folks who come from Bangladesh and mop floors in India? In fact just months ago Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) thrashed a handful of 'north-Indian's because these folks were making a living in Mumbai (which is supposedly in west-India). Wasn’t that communal?

Don't we classify ourselves in niche categories as north-Indian, Gujjus, north-east Indians, south-Indians, Brahmins, Mallus, Punjabis, Paharis and whoever. In fact this sense of identity (or pseudo-identity) is prevalent even in the most civilized circles of society.

I've heard people often say with pride, “hum logo mein to aisa nahin hota hai". (This doesn’t happen in our society)

Usually it cascades in the following order - I >>Me >> north-Indian >> Hindu >> Brahmin

Have heard people boasting about their castes and creeds often. Then how are we different from the assailants? Or how are people/groups like MNS different from the goons?

Aren’t we racist? Then why just pin-point a handful of Australians? Why make a hue and cry of this situation when we fall in the same category?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jack& Jill. Version 2009

Have written enough on life, laughter and love. This post is more serious and somber. Read through my poem and you will understand why life becomes stranger than fiction.

PS: This is my first attempt at poetry and I admit it’s very bland. Please bear through this and do let me know whatever comes to your mind after reading this.
Here it goes:

Jack met Jill,
On top of a hill,
And then,
They both walked together.

Holding hands,
Through thick and thin,
They seemed to love each other.

Jack called her God,

Jill blushed a bit,
And there was love all over.

All things were good,
All things were fun,
They ate and drank together.

They danced,
They jived,
They partied all night,
And both looked good together.

This went fine,
Till both went back to their kins,
Who hated to see these two together.

Families got in between,
And created a rift,
Between Jack and Jill,
And both were left heart broken.

In the grief,
Jack hit Jill,
She was left bruised,
And ill forever.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Cashing in on the elections 2009

General elections this year are different. Our netas have gone hi-tech. Hope you’ve noticed that most candidates have their own websites and many use SMS to reach the voters. Most parties are talking about development while suppressing issues like caste, dynasty etc.(seems like we’re maturing as a democracy). Also, this time media played a very vital role in turning around the election wave. Remember the radio spot – vote ka dot hai to hot hai.

Anyway, my point here was different.

This time business houses too were cashing in on the elections. Last weekend, capital’s popular pub F-Bar and Lounge had invited all youngsters, who have voted and carried the vote mark, to walk in for free and party for no expenses paid at all.(Those who don’t know, F Bar and Lounge is famous pub and nightclub at The Ashok).

Other than this, a retail shop in South Extension, Part II offered discounts up to 20% to all those who had voted. This retailing units deals in men’s wear and hosts popular brands like Allen Solley, Louis Vitton etc. (Will try to get a photo for this shop).

There should be many more places offering such offers/discounts. If you know of any, please add to the list in the comments section.

Happy reading.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

iPhone to help quit smoking

Guys, there's no end to innovation. Video-phones and bio-metric silicon chips are considered remote now. Latest is that iPhone will provide some relief to smokers. iPhone's new app will help smokers kick the habit :)

Read details - "Developed by The George Washington University’s School of Public Health and Health Services (SPHHS) and the National Tobacco Cessation Collaborative (NTCC), My QuitLine app also provides evidence-based treatment for quitting.

It connects the user to the National Cancer Institute’s quitline service where they speak to a live quitline coach or use live text to get advice on quitting."

My questions are:
- How has technology improved/degraded your life?
- What according to you has been a path-breaking discovery/invention till now?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Is shoe-slinging the best way to protest?

Former US-President George Bush is a trend-setter of sorts. It’s just not about his occasional gaffes, here it is about the shoe-throwing episode. After he missed the shoe-attack by Iraqi journalist Muntadhar al-Zaidi, it has become the most popular way of protesting in the modern age. 

Recently, two of our politicos were ‘shoe-stung’ – PC Chidambaram and Naveen Jindal – at different places for different reasons. Of course, both these netas ‘forgave‘ the offenders. 

- But is this the right way to display anger and frustration?

Thursday, April 9, 2009

How does the blog look now?

Guys, I have just changed the design and UI (in simple terms the look and feel) for my blog. Just lemme know if you like it.


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nano: Yes-yes or no-no?

Guys, Rattan Tata launched his much awaited car Nano yesterday in Mumbai. It looks sleek, colors are amazing and the best of all it is dearth cheap as compared to other four wheeler options available.

Some folks are loving it, but others are ruing about the fact that a cheap car would mean more traffic on the already congested Indian roads. While, middle-income families are happy that they may be able to own a ‘gaadi’ of their own, some snooty souls believe that Nano’s advent would increase class consciousness among people as the wealthy may not want to be seen driven around in Rs1 lakh car.

What’s your take about it?
- Yes, Nano
- No Nano

Let’s talk about this cutie while I read up more stuff on Nano.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Do we really care so much about Bapu?

The auction of Mahatma Gandhi’s personal belongings became a matter of international debate. Indian politicians, as hypocrite as they always are, asserted that they would give anything to get Bapu’s memorabilia. In the end, liquor baron Vijay Mallya got hold of Bapu’s belonging for $1.8 mln at an auction in New York.

Do these articles/personal belongings only classify as Bapu’s heritage?

Aren’t his teachings and experiences his real heritage?

If the politicos, pseudo leaders and self-acclaimed representatives of Indians care so much about Bapu’s heritage then why don’t they adopt his principles of honestly and self-less service to the nation?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire and the hoopla

Slumdog Millionaire (SM) is the latest buzz word in the gossip circles. Almost everybody is talking about their contribution to the film, except may be the director Danny Boyle. People are going ga-ga about the lead actors, the child actors, the hair dressers or how Frieda Pinto ‘dumped’ her ‘fiancĂ©e’ or why she wore a John Galliano for Oscars and not traditional Indian thing.

Guys, we have had enough of this crazy gossip. Can we let these people breathe easy? Please let them be. Why are we so star struck? OF course there are million reasons to cheer for Rahman but what is SM’s contribution to India for that matter. At best, this hoopla can translate into big bucks for the film crew and lead actors. But will it materalise into anything for the others? Will it make life easier for slum kids? Don't know. Don't think so.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Euthanasia debate: Is it ok to choose deliberate death than choose a miserable life?

Read a story about the euthanasia controversy. A woman, who was comatose for a long time, was the point of controversy this time. She was in the vegetative stage for many years and her parents had urged the authorities to stop her nutrient supply so that “she could die with respect”. It seems all her chances of regaining life were lost.

This brings me to the middle of discussion once again. Do we have the right to die? Is it ok to choose deliberate death than choose a miserable life? Do humans have any right to play God and decide upon anybody’s right to live?

Complex questions with no seeming answers.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Weekend Getaway: Awesome Amritsar

The mere mention of Amritsar may evoke mixed feelings. Some may just bow down with devotion while others may think of it like a cultural trip. For me, it was both. Me (along with family folks) headed to the holy city last weekend. We planned this tip in a jiffy and must say that place was worth all the efforts. We drove from Chandigarh to Amritsar by car. It took us 4 hours (including one quick breakfast break) to reach there. This, of course, comes after you’ve braved the maddening traffic. It’s not the pace of the traffic but the unregulated traffic movement that causes the frustration. You’ll have to race with rickshawpullers, auto-walls, BMWs, Volvo buses and may be even carts to get ahead on the road. 

Things get better once you are out of Ropar. On your way to Nawan Shahar, you’ll come across lush green fields laden across wide highway. It’s a delight for drivers as they have a chance to test their speed limits here. Mustard fields and virginal villages along this highway will invariably remind you of DDLJ. There are numerous dhabas (street side eating shops) serving awesome food. However, you can only expect north-Indian delicacies here. Must haves are aloo parathas with white butter in any of these joints. Besides them, there are few urban eating joints which may serve better platters. But on personal note, I would suggest dump fancy restaurants for dhabas ….. at least in Punjab. Food is good and they’ll serve it with gratitude. And you wont come across this sense of hospitality in Delhi at least.

Once you reach 
Amritsar city limits, the battle for driving space will start all again. The city is currently upgrading its infrastructure. Hence there is lot of construction activity going on all over. This may bring delight to travelers in near future. However, at this point of time construction activities are nothing more than a hindrance. The city authorities need to do something very very quickly to save themselves from this mess. 

Once you brave all this and reach the temple complex, you'll feel as if time has stopped here. The temple complex is amazing. This place has something magical about it. You actually get to feel that you are so closer to the almighty. I'm not one of those religious fanatics, but must admit that the sober and somber environs here can heal any wounded soul. Guess that is why we call God 'THE ALMIGHTY'. May be he is present everywhere on earth but in places like these you can feel him in evey bit - in every breath you take, in every thing that you touch around. Things like ego and pride melt in thin air. I felt like this crazy kid who's lost his game and runs home to get patted by his folks. It’s a heavenly feeling. It's as if someone reassures you that things will be alright. You have to be there to get this feeling. 

You can plan a getaway any time of the yaer. A must visit place. And if any of you have been there, you can share your experience in the 'comments' sections.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Life without fuel. What would it be like?

Year 2009 has started with some startling realisations about what may become of us when the oil reserves finish??? 

Last week life of hundreds of citizens in Delhi came to a standstill when workers of prominent oil companies called for a strike. The city was reeling under acute oil crisis as many gas stations reported no stock left. Officials from 14 Indian state-run oil companies, seeking higher salaries, stayed away from work. As a result many people ran from pillar to post, drove to city limits to fuel their vehicles. Many discussed options like traveling by public transport (which is a big no-no for snooty Delhiites as owning a vehicle is a symbol of affluence for many), still others thought about car-pool and some preferred to work from home as this strike was perceived to be an indefinite one. Thankfully, the government got cracking and the protest was called off in two days itself.

This was one random case. But what will happen when one day every natural resource will come to an end? There’s no oil, no gas. What we do then? There will be no car pool or public transport options. What would you do then? Will ‘work or study from home’ become the norm? Will the world come to a standstill then?

Think about it? Would love to hear some innovative ideas.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Survive recession. Here’s how…

Recession…. The dreaded ‘R’ word. Almost everyone is talking about it. Be it economy, manufacturing segment or service sector - every section of the society is feeling the heat of current economic gloom. (I would rather call it ‘gloom’ than its more diplomatic version called – slowdown). And its impact is visible in every part of the globe; be it Boston or Bengaluru.

We may have heard some friends losing jobs, some associates losing money in stock market/business transactions. Instead nodding in grief, it would be good if we could think about the brighter prospects for them. Think of how to make the most of this time. Economic bodies all over are tying to put things order. Till that happens, you could: 

  • Update your resumes in relevant job sites

  • Touch-base with your past colleagues and bosses to see if there’s some full time/part-time opportunity for you

  • Save Save Save. Avoid partying/clubbing even if it is to get rid of your anguish

  • Look for part-time jobs/assignments if full time/proper jobs are not materialising

  • Think of innovative techniques to make money. I read in NYT that a lady who was heading operations with Deutsche Bank lost her job to recession. She has now taken up the job of a pet keeper. She has a pet and understands how people who have long office hours find no time for their pets. She got in touch with few of them and offered her services. So while these people are busy working, she takes care of their pets. She got her way out of the gloom. And she found a new employment.

  • And be positive. That’s the most important tactic to stay happy in these tough times.
  • Remember: ‘Tough times don’t last, but tough people do’.