Saturday, August 18, 2012

U-turn in dressing: Back to the 90's Govindas

Spoiler Alert: This post is strictly for those who grew up in the 90s.

Back in 1993-94 life was much simpler. I was in class five and life was just about books, friends, movies, vacations and stuff happening at home. We had a VCR - which was like the coolest thing to own - in that age. During vacations, dad got us video cassettes which were on rental basis and hence every minute with the movie cassette seemed precious. Occasionally we invited our cousins for these "movie shows" but rest of the time me and bro would fight about which movie to watch.

We saw 'Aankhen' (1993) and were dazed with the histrionics of Govinda and Chunky Pandey but one thing that struck us was the awkward clothing sense. Like these very bright coloured shirts in gaudy colours, Govinda in white shoes and pants and dancing away to glory. And it wasn't just Govinda, it was the popular trend. I clearly remember most friends discussing these absurd colour & dressing combinations, belittling this sense of dressing and codenaming "Govinda" to all people who followed this dressing.

Belonging to salaried-class family in a sleepy town, it was too much for our imagination to bear as to how could someone wear this awkward 'florescent' pant/shirt.

This went on for quite some years and whenever me and gang of college friends saw somebody with purple pants, bright yellow shirt, red/green cap or anything that would be bizarre by average sensibilities was called 'Govinda'; or 'Govindi' (if it was a girl). PS: This wasn't to belittle the great actor but his popularity was such that almost everyone wanted to copy his mannerisms and at times went really far aping his dressing style.  
Now cut to 2012, the bizarre coloured pants, striking combinations are in vogue (suddenly). This year the most popular clothing is chinos (now available in feminine version as well) - informal, comfortable cotton pants in as many bright colours as you can imagine - purple, bright green, yellow, red, orange - whatever you dare to wear.

Team this with a contrasting top/t-shit and loafers (both again in bright colours). You'll find many (read hundreds) of college kids, yonng professionals aping this dressing. And you'll find them everywhere - malls, eateries, so called "handing out" zones et al. 

Makes me think if I was wrong about the "Govinda" remark in the first place. And while I write this, I am reminded of bright red loafers that hubby dearest gifted me a month ago. He thought it was cool and would be quite a style statement for my Singapore trip and he boasted "try wearing something classy". "Classy?????????? bright red shoes???  Well so after so many ages I have joined the "Govinda" clan after all.