Friday, October 9, 2015

The scary sign of times to come

We are living in maddening times.

A poor soul was lynched in Dadri because he was 'suspected' of eating beef. What someone eats is nobody's business unless you are a cannibal. Why this intolerance? Why does someone get an authority to decide on what we eat and what we wear? Last I remember, we lived in a democratic set up.
Image result for intolerant kids
What if tomorrow there is a supposed ban of eating 'paneer'. So will all those selling paneer, making paneer at home be lynched too?

 And where does this intolerance begin?

It begins right in the courtyards of our homes. When we tell our kids that they should befriend people 'like them' implying to kids from same society strata we are surely raising them to be intolerant towards others who don't fall in this supposed section of society.

I met a lady at LO's school. I was patiently waiting for LO to finish his class when I heard this lady - another parent also waiting for her child to finish school - brag rather loudly. She was talking about how her child is the naughtiest kid around. Her exact words were, "the moment my child reaches home she goes straight to her room and then searches for the maid. She punches the maid and pulls  her hair. Actually the poor maid tidies up the child's room and my child doesn't like it. Actually she doesn't like anybody touching her things you see and the maid has to pay a price for cleaning up that space. What to do. Kids are very impatient these day," she rued.

Now that is a mommy proudly talking about her 2 -3 year old child. Im sure when this kid grows up without any mentoring she will be an intolerant kid. Who is to be blamed then?

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

And here comes the first interview

Its sounds like bragging but its just a little bit of glee that I cant hide.

My efforts for my baby project have been appreciated and quoted in an interview with an online magazine. This is like life coming a full circle .... ten year ago a starry eyes girl from Shimla wanted to become 'something' in life. A decade later, she is a seasoned professional, mom, and a social entrepreneur. But the biggest challenge still remains - that of how to be rooted to the ground in all these maddening times.

Sharing here, the link to my interview. Do read and share your opinion as well.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

RK Laxman - The man who brought a smile on everyone's face without saying a word

Having been a media professional for over ten years, the only titles that sound - and may be appear - glamorous to all around are titles like journalists, writers, press photographers, editors.

There is a sound and silent army of desk professionals who are quietly churning crappy stories into read worthy articles. And along with them are a handful of cartoonists and traditionalists who read every word printed in the newspaper and craft  the most burning issues in the most light manner in form of a cartoon. Now that's the toughest job I feel, for it requires loads of creativity and understanding of issues.

RK Laxman was the leader this gentry with much poise and calm. His 'common man' and issues raised are as relevant as they were years ago. The only difference - people then realised the issue being raised and now have a 'chalta hai' attitude towards those issues.

RIP Mr Laxman, you will be in my heart and mind for as long as I continue to read a newspaper.