Monday, August 18, 2014

When vacations become 'I want no vacations'

What's with Delhi and vacations? Or if I may be little more precise, what's with everybody and 4 day long vacation. A sudden 4 day long vacation comes up and everybody get packing to the nearest hill station. And the first question that everybody asks is: "aren't you going anywhere?"

I honestly replied to a neighbour, "no, with 1 year old prank machine I can’t think of going on a trip as such. I have plans for some shopping spree where I can regale him in day time and be back so as to not interrupt his food-potty-pee-nap schedule. And to my dismay she glared at me and replied "ya that happens". And this comes from a 40 year old woman who has raised 3 kids.

- Is it mandatory that everybody should be going 'somewhere' to spend vacations?
- Is staying at home and having fun your way not vacationing?
- Is it bad on my part of think of my little boy and not go on vacation?

As it turns out that she had plans to go to Shimla - my home town and wanted me to help with her boarding and lodging. I did give her some references but she wasn't as organized as I had expected her to be. She left everything for the  last minute and as luck to have it almost all boarding options - hotels, lodges, guest houses, PGs etc have been more than full this season there. Shimla is close to Delhi hence is an obvious choice for holiday goers.

With her 3 kids, husband and an aged MIL she stepped out of Delhi in her swanky SUV in a hope to book hotel on the spot. And after finding no option she has been buzzing me to help her. I want to have a hearty laugh now but thinking of her plight I feel sorry. Its like vacation become harrowing and that can happen to anyone. No offenses taken but yes, I don’t want to go on this kind of a vacation. 

Lesson for me - plan things in great detail, especially when you have family along. You can sleep on a log of wood but your kids can't.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Will life be any better with this mindset?

A friend posted proudly 'got my husband to cook after 10 years' on her FB page. Plethora of likes, and comments as mushy as 'awwwww', 'so cute' followed and it got me thinking - does any man post about his wife cooking for him daily 3 times at least, and on Sundays it can go up to 4-5 times as well since the heavy ass snacks are too much in demand that day.

Sample this, when a man cooks - he is a great husband, and when woman is cooking then its usual part of the day. I'm not saying that men should cook food every day, I'm also not saying that women shouldn't cook all days. All I’m saying is that running a house is a joint responsibility. If a woman cooks it should be appreciated - not taken like a job she was supposed to do without any hangups - similarly when a man cooks it should be respected that's all, not glorified like winning a warfront.

Am I thinking too much about this cooking session? What say guys?