Thursday, January 8, 2009

Survive recession. Here’s how…

Recession…. The dreaded ‘R’ word. Almost everyone is talking about it. Be it economy, manufacturing segment or service sector - every section of the society is feeling the heat of current economic gloom. (I would rather call it ‘gloom’ than its more diplomatic version called – slowdown). And its impact is visible in every part of the globe; be it Boston or Bengaluru.

We may have heard some friends losing jobs, some associates losing money in stock market/business transactions. Instead nodding in grief, it would be good if we could think about the brighter prospects for them. Think of how to make the most of this time. Economic bodies all over are tying to put things order. Till that happens, you could: 

  • Update your resumes in relevant job sites

  • Touch-base with your past colleagues and bosses to see if there’s some full time/part-time opportunity for you

  • Save Save Save. Avoid partying/clubbing even if it is to get rid of your anguish

  • Look for part-time jobs/assignments if full time/proper jobs are not materialising

  • Think of innovative techniques to make money. I read in NYT that a lady who was heading operations with Deutsche Bank lost her job to recession. She has now taken up the job of a pet keeper. She has a pet and understands how people who have long office hours find no time for their pets. She got in touch with few of them and offered her services. So while these people are busy working, she takes care of their pets. She got her way out of the gloom. And she found a new employment.

  • And be positive. That’s the most important tactic to stay happy in these tough times.
  • Remember: ‘Tough times don’t last, but tough people do’.  

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