Monday, October 26, 2009

Of a peacock called Coco

This is not a fable guys. There’s a peacock in my neighbourhood (at South Extension, New Delhi) that is called Coco.

Funny…. Huh. I mean a peacock called Coco. There’s a fashion designer called Coco Chanel and then cocoa beans can be called ‘coco (pronunciation: koko)’ colloquially, but a peacock called Coco?

I spotted this peacock one morning on my way back from morning jog in mid-August. I presumed the bird must have flied into South Extension from nearby areas. It looked very pretty. It was walking along a road with its beautiful plumage held high. I thought it was a snooty bird and was acting too pricey. Anyway, I grabbed this moment in my phone.

I saw it again last week (in October) in the same neighbourhood. I was stunned. Just before I could grab my mobile phone again (to click a picture), an old man standing on the road side asked me if this bird was beautiful. I nodded. Indeed it was. This man swelled with pride and declared, “Humne pala hai. Iska naam Coco hai” (This is our pet. We call it Coco).

I really didn’t know what to say. I just smiled and walked along. Check out Coco – the peacock here.



Anonymous said...

Good piece of writing. Had the comments of the blogger been otherwise, what would be the claim of the owner?

sonia said...

Im waiting to another master piece of thought here.Come on yojana

Village Resource Expert Centre said...

Happy Christmas !