Wednesday, February 3, 2010

'A piece of Blackberry cake, please'

“And… a piece of Blackberry cake please,” I said.

This was at lunch table in a fancy restaurant. Mom and dad had come down to meet me and their beloved son-in-law last week. I was to treat everybody for lunch. Since my parents like Indian fare, we booked ourselves for lunch at Sawagat in Noida’s Sector 18 market.

Very confidently I placed the order for main course and then finished it with instructions for dessert. I didn’t check the menu card since I knew that mom-dad wont try anything except dal makhni or kadai chicken. I summed the order with a piece of “Blackberry cake”.

Everybody stared at me, I retorted back with a damn-care look. I asked, “what,…. what is wrong with it?” Vishal came closer to me and announced, “Blackberry is a phone. I think you are asking for blueberry cheese cake.” Ouch.

I was busted. Flushed with embarrassment, I checked the menu again. There was no mention of Blackberry cake. They did serve blueberry cheese cake though.

I put up a plastic laughter – like they do at comedy shows – and then corrected the menu :(


Birdie said...

Ha ha! Technology bite. :)

A nice 'short n sweet' post.


NITYIN said...

Good one.. It's nice to goof up some times :)

I have this habit of forgetting names at times. Becomes embarrassing while meeting; when not able to re-collect names and scared of blurring out a wrong one!!

कभी कभी गलती से मिस्टेक हो जाती है..

Sanjay said...

LOl :)

The blackberry effect. No wonder we people are so addicted to technology. Who knows there may be really one shortly.

Good one again.


Anonymous said...
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