Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Salman and the social media strategy

So its social media all the way. From Shashi Tharoor to your neighbour almost everybody is on Facebook, Twitter and making the best use of it.

For now its Salman Khan who is making the best use of social media tools. There may be rumours of Salman Khan quitting Twitter et all but his fondness for Web2.0 suggests otherwise.

Yesterday his team uploaded an ‘clarification/apology’ video on Youtube to make his stance clear on the Mumbai attack remarks. The user salmankhanclarifies (on Youtube) has already received 33,910 views with close to 569 comments.

Link - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmHREC5Sg3Y&feature=topvideos

Then Facebook is hosting a ‘like’ link called ‘10-reasons-why-dabangg-rocks’.Trust me, There wasn’t even one or may be half a reason why one should watch this film. I don’t hate Salman Khan, but I didn’t like the film.

And of course the web is full of hundreds of film review, blog posts, opinion polls, posters, photo-galleries for Salman, official fan clubs and scores of fan posts.

Thumbs up for his social media strategy.

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