Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ten Things You'll Learn in First 2 Years of Your Marriage

Last week was a landmark of sorts as I celebrated two years of my marriage. These two years have been the busiest years of my life (this may look repetitive but believe me these were MAD years) where all my worldly knowledge, patience and skills were put to test. Here's a low-down on how these years passed:
 (Dedicated to Vishal Sharma)

- When your maid, cook & driver's phone no. are on top of your phone's 'Speed Dial' list
- When your maid's health matters more to you than your own sickness :)
- When your driver shows up in the morning, and you beam with happiness and recite 'Thank God. He's here"
- When Saturday shopping spree is replaced by weekly grocery stuff
- When you return from vacations carrying piece of native furniture/ethics paintings/artwork as memento. The regular retail list for bag, shoes, face packs, clothes is a forgotten story.
- When 'I have some personal work' excuse defines chores like attending distant relatives' anniversaries, neighbourhood get-togethers, loner landlord falling sick and you attending to him, some kiddie's b'day bash. All sorts of random things that you can't define and describe in corporate circles.
- When you'll find yourself fretting over recipes, how-to-clean-haldi-stains more often
- When you become a liaison officer between your parents, in-laws, distant relatives. Making sure each one gets equal footage (that word jus crept in form the work dictionary)
- When you'll surf internet mostly to download recipes
- When you buy Nalli sarees and call them 'investment' because you know it well that you'll wear them once your lifetime. Later your daughter may cut out a dress for herself using this saree (and you’ll happily oblige – at least its being used).

What you get in bargain:
- A long list of new-found relatives; and gradually many of them will be on your friends' list
- Your skill set on 'what-to-speak-when' will improve dramatically
- You will learn this secret art of smiling and attending guests even when you have chronic migraine. Much needed in life, especially in office. 

This is an endless list and will keep adding to it. You are most welcome to add on to this list.


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well said Yojana ! and you keeping adding things as you add years to your wedded life !

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