Tuesday, January 27, 2015

RK Laxman - The man who brought a smile on everyone's face without saying a word

Having been a media professional for over ten years, the only titles that sound - and may be appear - glamorous to all around are titles like journalists, writers, press photographers, editors.

There is a sound and silent army of desk professionals who are quietly churning crappy stories into read worthy articles. And along with them are a handful of cartoonists and traditionalists who read every word printed in the newspaper and craft  the most burning issues in the most light manner in form of a cartoon. Now that's the toughest job I feel, for it requires loads of creativity and understanding of issues.

RK Laxman was the leader this gentry with much poise and calm. His 'common man' and issues raised are as relevant as they were years ago. The only difference - people then realised the issue being raised and now have a 'chalta hai' attitude towards those issues.

RIP Mr Laxman, you will be in my heart and mind for as long as I continue to read a newspaper. 

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