Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Back to blogging


This seems like a breather.

I’m back on the blogging scene and this time prepared to handle the cyber crooks around me. My last blogging attempt (one on rediff i-land and the other on blogger) had a huge ‘fan following’. Some ardent fan was wanting to comment on my posts every now and then…. and well that was an issue.

I don’t appreciated unsolicited guidance/advice/lectures from creeps :-)

This time I am braced with some techno tricks to stop unwanted people from commenting on my blog. Any way, this gyaan can continue forever. These days I’m busy with work and studies. And guess what… now my classes are held in Ghaziabad. So its like a back-to-back schedule for me. I travel to Gurgaon during weekdays and am off to Ghaziabad on Saturday and Sunday for MBA classes. I’m hoping this grueling session ends soon or else I’ll be left shuttling between Gurgaon-Delhi-Ghaziabad.

More travel stories in my next post.


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