Friday, October 19, 2007

Fasting over, feasting begins :-)

The great ‘Navratri’ season is on, actually about to conclude now. This is one festival when all scavengers (read non-vegetarians including me) shun the delicacies and stick to fasting and daily aartis. We’ll I was also a part of this regime. It seems like a military regime to me.

Mom says one should be polite to others, shouldn’t hurt other’s sentiments while he or she is fasting… but then how can you stay away from gossiping. It’s difficult to resist from office gossips :-)

Any way but it was a great experience. For people who know me well (like sweeto Deepti) will agree that it was a task for me. Also, the fact that I don’t I don’t stay with family adds to such situations. One can gorge on sumptuous ‘navratri’ food at home, but its really not possible when you are living in A-12. Trust me that woman makes pathetic food…. And me and Jyotsna were left on our own to arrange for our kuttu-pakoras for the nine days. But the results were mind blowing. I have become an expert in Kutuu dishes be it
pakoras, parathas or tikki.

One thing that no body can miss is the festivity associated with Navratri. Markets are light till late in the evening, stuff like vrat ke chips is readily available and even fashion conscious aunties will happily march towards temples. All this sets up a beautiful atmosphere for Diwali. That is one occasion when Indian go berserk. Crackers, lights and celebrations light up the entire mood. Boommmm, baaammmmm …. and lots of fun.

More on this and my dandiya night in another post.