Thursday, November 29, 2007

Apna Koi Thikana Nahi

Well… this is just the last line from the pop-sufi song by Atif Aslam. He says that he is a vagabond and doesn’t know where he is headed to. I am really found of this song and can really empathize as to what must have prompted Atif to write this song. This song has been my G-mail tag line many times and now it is the heading of my blog. Cool… great going Yoj.

Almost everybody must have gone through tikes when they feel lot, left out and utterly confused ass to what will happen next. I’m going through this phase too… there’s work, there’s studies, parents, friends, office….. just too much happening at the same time. I got my exams in December. This is my last semester. I’ll be left with a project study after which my MBA will be over. Needless to say that I’m stuck with assignments, and lo there will be lot of smart asses from my class who will just ‘buy’ the assignments or will copy assignments form some seniors. And considering that I ain’t proficient in any of these skills, I am left with a ream of paper and Reynolds to finish the task.

Yes, kids buy assignment these days. I was totally unaware of this concept till some time ago. These things didn’t happen when I was graduating. Then, my dearest bro, introduced me to this concept. He had to finish couple of assignments on banking during his MBA days . So this dude went around seeking information, crunching it and putting it together while other from his class sort the services if ‘pappiji’. Im told pappiji is very popular with all the lads of Punjab University. One just has to explain his requirement (what project, which segment, which segment, which teacher) and pappiji will present a meticulously done assignment in 10 days flat. Lot of Arun’s classmates ‘bought’ the assignments and they got real good marks. My bro could only land up with average marks then since his assignment had lot of loopholes. I suppose it wasn’t done up as ‘professionally’ as pappiji had done the other assignment. So, for next semester Arun Sharma too sought the services of dear pappiji and was happy with the results.

He has promised that he’ll ‘arrange’ for my project too. So I’m little hopeful about it. Rest I don’t know how I’ll finish my assignments, especially when I’m going through maddening times at office.

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