Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nano: Yes-yes or no-no?

Guys, Rattan Tata launched his much awaited car Nano yesterday in Mumbai. It looks sleek, colors are amazing and the best of all it is dearth cheap as compared to other four wheeler options available.

Some folks are loving it, but others are ruing about the fact that a cheap car would mean more traffic on the already congested Indian roads. While, middle-income families are happy that they may be able to own a ‘gaadi’ of their own, some snooty souls believe that Nano’s advent would increase class consciousness among people as the wealthy may not want to be seen driven around in Rs1 lakh car.

What’s your take about it?
- Yes, Nano
- No Nano

Let’s talk about this cutie while I read up more stuff on Nano.


Anwin Joselyn said...

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Vikas Gupta said...

No to Nano! CSE [Sunita Narain] has even calculated that Nano will be so cheap also because the Gujarat Govt's subsidy is up to 55 k per car.

Thanks for the visit to my blog 'Emotionally Speaking'.