Thursday, March 5, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire and the hoopla

Slumdog Millionaire (SM) is the latest buzz word in the gossip circles. Almost everybody is talking about their contribution to the film, except may be the director Danny Boyle. People are going ga-ga about the lead actors, the child actors, the hair dressers or how Frieda Pinto ‘dumped’ her ‘fiancĂ©e’ or why she wore a John Galliano for Oscars and not traditional Indian thing.

Guys, we have had enough of this crazy gossip. Can we let these people breathe easy? Please let them be. Why are we so star struck? OF course there are million reasons to cheer for Rahman but what is SM’s contribution to India for that matter. At best, this hoopla can translate into big bucks for the film crew and lead actors. But will it materalise into anything for the others? Will it make life easier for slum kids? Don't know. Don't think so.

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Smi said...

no better for the congress feel its the one responsible for the oscar because slum is because of them ..

dont know why these politicians want to turn themselves into a joke