Monday, May 11, 2009

Cashing in on the elections 2009

General elections this year are different. Our netas have gone hi-tech. Hope you’ve noticed that most candidates have their own websites and many use SMS to reach the voters. Most parties are talking about development while suppressing issues like caste, dynasty etc.(seems like we’re maturing as a democracy). Also, this time media played a very vital role in turning around the election wave. Remember the radio spot – vote ka dot hai to hot hai.

Anyway, my point here was different.

This time business houses too were cashing in on the elections. Last weekend, capital’s popular pub F-Bar and Lounge had invited all youngsters, who have voted and carried the vote mark, to walk in for free and party for no expenses paid at all.(Those who don’t know, F Bar and Lounge is famous pub and nightclub at The Ashok).

Other than this, a retail shop in South Extension, Part II offered discounts up to 20% to all those who had voted. This retailing units deals in men’s wear and hosts popular brands like Allen Solley, Louis Vitton etc. (Will try to get a photo for this shop).

There should be many more places offering such offers/discounts. If you know of any, please add to the list in the comments section.

Happy reading.

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