Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Jack& Jill. Version 2009

Have written enough on life, laughter and love. This post is more serious and somber. Read through my poem and you will understand why life becomes stranger than fiction.

PS: This is my first attempt at poetry and I admit it’s very bland. Please bear through this and do let me know whatever comes to your mind after reading this.
Here it goes:

Jack met Jill,
On top of a hill,
And then,
They both walked together.

Holding hands,
Through thick and thin,
They seemed to love each other.

Jack called her God,

Jill blushed a bit,
And there was love all over.

All things were good,
All things were fun,
They ate and drank together.

They danced,
They jived,
They partied all night,
And both looked good together.

This went fine,
Till both went back to their kins,
Who hated to see these two together.

Families got in between,
And created a rift,
Between Jack and Jill,
And both were left heart broken.

In the grief,
Jack hit Jill,
She was left bruised,
And ill forever.


Anonymous said...

good rhyming. But y a sad ending???

koolklass said...

good attempt. Again why does it end abruptly.

nidhi said...

hey yoj..it is very well written n i just loved it...plz keep on posting more like this........:)

Yoj said...

Thanks nids. U guys are my strength. Had u and apks not been there I would have not been this headstrong. Thanks again.