Friday, July 31, 2009

Not ready to face the truth, Sach Ka Samna hits the nail

Reality show Sach Ka Samna (Face The Truth) hit the wrong notes last week when some MPs wanted it banned. “What crap,” I said.

Don’t think may people watched it till then, but many are talking about it - especially referring to how it is crossing the limits et all.

Actually it’s not about the show; it’s about the fact that not many of us are comfortable accepting and admitting to things that we do/have done/pretend that we do. I watched one episode where a gentleman called Allwyn D’Souza (sorry if I’ve got his name wrong) admitted that his 9-month old marriage was not all hunky-dory, his wife dictated the terms in their relationship and some other not so pleasant things about his life.

Somewhere I was asking all these questions to myself. Some of them did relate to my life as well, like - do you think you have chosen the right career, are you happy with your life etc. Am sure others spectators must be going through this introspection as well, where they can relate to questions being asked to the contestants. To my surprise (and embarrassment) the answer to many such questions was ‘No’ :(. I was disturbed. I don’t want to admit to few things in public. (Remember, I have a so-called public image to live up to). Am sure there are many like me. I won’t own up to certain things even if I was being rewarded handsomely. It can cause me my job/relationships/peace of mind/happiness – in short, everything.

Was I the only one offended with these questions?

No. A random survey in the office, Twitter, Orkut and Facebook helped me find many others like me :)

Many colleagues squirmed at the mention of Sach Ka Samna. One of them said, “I won’t bare my secrets even if the producers were to make me the king.” Another friend said, “I am ready to talk about anything relating to my life but it is related others (family/friends/exs) as well. It would be disturbing for them.” Clearly, he would stay away from any such experiments. One colleague giggled. Said, “Are you crazy. Why should I puncture holes in my boat when the sailing is so smooth? My past/ my opinions/ my aspirations are a part of my life. Can’t let anyone peep into it.”

Only two friends (Mishty and Avantika) agreed upon spilling the beans from their lives. May be they are too honest and brave to admit everything that they have done. As for me, I would quietly join the motley crowd where every one wears a mask, pretending to be honest while trying to hide the skeletons in our cupboards.

As for the show, I admit it’s not crap.


vishal said...

hi, smartly published, keep it up.

nityin said...

Wonder, why it is only the politicians who have a problem with the word sach?

We all have different notions about truth. Truth can hurt sometimes and the sting takes much longer time to heal. I do not subscribe to the truth as being depicted on this television program. This may be a moment of truth for someone sitting in front of camera but for us, the viewers, it is pure entertainment combined with drama. And remember those sachai ke devta there on television did not have any change of heart overnight. They are there for the money!

The problem is we have become materialistic to the core today. We have a persona to flaunt to our colleagues, to our neighbors, to our friends. Sadly, this persona has now entered our homes where we still wear the mask inside. Once the mask is pulled off there is problems for everyone around us.

BTW, You have a nice blog here. Enjoyed reading the posts.

Anonymous said...

It is no use spilling the beans, if they cause only harm and embarrasment to the people who matter in one's life.Anyway who is interested in knowing every thing about XYZ !

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...
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