Thursday, August 6, 2009

Do you want your wish granted?

Spotted a gem at Patni Top, Jammu. I was holidaying there with friends last month. We visited a temple dedicated to Sheshnag (the God of Snakes). I saw something very interesting here.

Hindus follow a practice of tying holy threads (mauli or kalawa in Hindi) to trees near temples and sacred places. The idea being that you make a wish while tying this thread and after the Lord has fulfilled your wish, you take off the thread. Again (as is a common practice in Hinduism), every body has different connotation of this ritual. Many people tie small red flags; others may even tie a coconut as a mark of appeasement to the Lord.

Here people had tied red ribbons and their visiting cards along with the ribbons! Can you beat that!

It seemed as if each of these devotees wanted Lord to remember their address so that he doesn't confuse the address while granting people's wishes. He he. Many local businessmen, travel agents, student coaching institutions had put up their visiting cards. May be they thought it was the best was to appease lord.

Check out the picture to believe my words.

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