Saturday, January 8, 2011

Big Boss 4 – Seema brings back old memories

Big Boss 4 comes to an end today. Not that I watched it every day or I will miss the drama there, in fact I'm happy that it’s over and here's hoping it may be replaced by some meaningful/entertaining show. I don’t detest this show, but didn’t find it entertaining enough. I only watched its handpicked episodes and that too for the sake of just one person - Seema Parihar. Sounds unbelievable, but it’s true.

She was certainly the most non-glamorous characters in the BB house and possibly the only one who didn’t have any big recollections to flaunt there. Throughout her stay there, she seemed like the only one who didn’t utter swear words. That seems like too much of a big deal for a person who has seen a rather rough side of life, when compared to other contestants who seemed city bred and so-called well cultured.

I had spoken to her way back in 2006 when I was working with HT and was doing a story for cinema section. The story was about real people telling their own stories through films. Seema had then just finished shooting for her biopic - Wounded directed by Krishna Mishra. You can read it here -

My conversation with her was very short but it was a very frank account of her life. She told me she didn’t need glycerine to act in her film because a mere recollection of her past life and incidents make her cry. She told me she is very uncomfortable settling in big city life. Now, it seems she has become more comfortable with people and the ways city life. Saw her jiving to Munni Badnam and whatever numbers. Good luck to her, hope she remains as rooted to her sensibility as she seemed.


aarkay said...

You are right . She came across as adown to earth person without any ' make-up or make over and was the most cultured of the lot

Pozicool said...

I loved Seema too...just for the fact that she was what she was an did not pretend to be something else...nor did she try to hog the limelight with any attention seeking tactics like Madame Dolly Bindra! Even I hope she remain rooted as ever!

Yojana said...

Thanks guys. I hope that she remains rooted. What struck me that a jungle-bred woman seemed more sane than the city-bred folks. She knew what to wear, when and what to say when.