Monday, January 3, 2011

Eleven resolutions for 2011

Even though making resolutions may sound obsolete in this age, I still feel it’s a good practise because its puts you in a thinking mode about your personal goals. Even if you achieve just half of them, you would be able to change your life by some miles. 

So here go my 11 resolutions for the year 2011 – 

1.       - Get rid of driver’s phobia and not think that everybody on the road is about to hit me when I’m at the wheel
2.       - Get back to reading, even if I can finish just one book in three months
3.       - To stop watching stupid Bollywood flicks and instead spend this time and money on buying books
4.       - Get into fab zone, a possible U-turn from the flab zone where I’m currently headed
5.       - Remember imp birthdays even if I have to get a tattoo to put all the dates
6.       - Stop thinking about office when I’m at home
7.       - Not obsess about rules and regulations everywhere, especially when I’m in Noida
8.       - Just chill at times
9.       - Take short trips back home more regularly
10.   - Learn pottery painting
11.   - Last, but the most IMPORTANT – get a punching bag to my divert anger


aarkay said...

Very fine resolutions. I think I should adopt most of them to a pie.

Yojana said...

@aarkay - Thanks, Im trying to stick to them.