Wednesday, December 31, 2014

This is what you are resolving to do in 2015: Happy New Year

Well last Sunday of 2014 has got me more active than any of the other days this year. Even before I wrap up my year, I am sorting things that I want to do in 2015. And while Im jotting my list, I think this is what most people are also thinking of doing:

1.       Getting in shape – Most people want to slim down, a handful lucky folks want to gain weight. Moral f the story, no body is happy with their body type and want to alter it. Ironically, very few will actually work towards it.

2.       More of ‘me’ time – Be it office folks, kids or nudgy in laws – everybody resolves to spend more time with themselves. The circle of life is such that very few actually achieve it.

3.        Eating healthy – Thanks to our lifestyles, most want to eat healthy. But the moment we think of having “kuch achcha” it falls in the non-veg genre or the fried fare. You can resolve to eat more greens, but thanks to the great Indian taste buds most will fail doing this.

4.        Getting up early – For most of getting up at 6 am is a daily challenge. Most of us will get up early for the first few days and will generally slouch to old routine.  Reason: Overbearing routine and lifestyle where office and nuclear family demands drains us frequently.

5.       Take up a habit – Everyone wants to take up a habit and nurture it with time. Some succeed other wither away but there’s no harm trying.

With this list, Im good to go in 2015. I hope I stick to these routines, otherwise you know what stopped me.

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