Friday, March 12, 2010

Bakre Ke Nakhre!!!

Checked out a home delivery menu yesterday.

It had indeed some very interesting captions. Beginning from Bakre Ke Nakhre (to describe mutton dishes) to Murg Lajawab (to describe chicken delicacies).

Looks cool. Aint it?


aarkay said...

Bakra bechara kya nakhre karega . Nakhre toh khane walon ke hain. Uski Jaan jaane ka koi gham nahin , bus apne swaad se matlab hai.

I came across another caption with the picture of a Murga on the signboard of a DHABA, " Find me anywhere but eat me at ........" It left a bad taste in a strict vegan like me.

NITYIN said...

Old Delhi, Pahargunj area dhabas / restaurants are full of such dhansu oneliners. Though a vege myself, I often eat at places where non veg is served with friends.

At a Biryani joint in Bangalore saw 'Sookhi Biryani' in the menu. When asked, it was the veg biryani..!!