Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Five reasons why you should forget mobile phone at home

The other day I rushed to office in a hurry and forgot to carry my mobile phone along. Initially I felt handicapped. I was missing the ringtone (Wham's song - Wake Me Up Before You Go Go). But then I realised it was a blessing in disguise.

Need reasons to believe me? Here they are:

- No calls from spouse to inform that his friends will drop in for coffee
Perks: Party time. No unexpected guests. Roam around in your shorts. No need to put on make-up, that plastic smile and the urge to look pretty all the time.

- No calls from cook to tell you that he'll not be showing in the evening
Perks: Time to chill. If the cook shows in the evening then enjoy. Else, hop into your jeans and head to the neighbouhood eatery. You were not notified, right?

- No calls from relatives to share lousy wedding tales. After trying to reach you many times, they will try to reach your spouse/in-laws to enquire if all is well with you.
Perks: You'll be saved from their eternal gossips; you may miss on some spicy hearsay though. At the same time, family will call you on office number to pass on the freaky messages.

- No calls from parents/in-laws to check if you have had lunch
Perks: You can dump the home cooked lunch and pick the tangy lunch snack from the canteen. There's no one to check if you have had food

- No calls from siblings to remind you about their birthday gifts (like my bro, who will happily choose a very expensive gift for himself and insist that I present it to him)
Perks: Saved from the expenses for a day. No call, no reminders to dole out cash. All Izz Well, at least for one day.

There are few fallouts as well. Here they go:

- No body will try to sell you homes via SMS
Fallout: You'll have no reason to crib, "why do these people keep selling me houses when I can’t even pay the rent for a decent 2BHK accommodation ".

- No body will call you for personal loan requirements/insurance policies
Fallout: This may hurt your pride, "No body calls me to sell loans. Am I not in the radar of the banks. Am I poor?"

Have more reasons? Share in the comments section. 


Sanjay said...

Great post again Yoj! Just love it! Like the fall outs the most! really they are the people who miss us the most. lol!

Keep posting more!


aarkay said...

Now onwards , I hope I am saved the harassment of being considered an animal from some other planet as I do not carry any mobile. Thanks !

Anonymous said...

Mobile without mobile - I am learning And I am happy And in-peace.