Monday, March 15, 2010

This Alice doesn't live in wonderland anymore

Warning! This isn’t a review of the film released recently. Please do not expect any critique on film here. This post is purely a personal note.

I did watch the film yesterday. While the film is based on Lewis Carroll's novel - Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, it takes on a different tangent on screen. Our little girl has grown up but is still haunted by her hallucinations of the Wonderland. She goes back to settle some scores.

When I was in class three I borrowed the book from school's library. I could find some commonalities with Alice. We both were young. We wore little pink frocks, had curly hair and wandered around in gardens - except that I roamed around in my orchard. We both lived in a wonderland.

My wonderland was of different shade than Alice. I certainly didn't talk to blue caterpillars but I did conjure a fantasy world.

I wondered what it would be to grow up suddenly. Had many questions - how will I look, will I be doing something (like job etc), would my brother still bully me, would my friends still be collecting colourful ribbons, would my class teacher still be the incharge for 3A (I liked her and didn't want to go to another class ever)?

Some 20 years later, I have answers to most of the questions.

This Alice has certainly grown up. Colouful imagination has given way to harsh realities - some sweet, some bitter.

I'm busy working, cleaning, cooking, learning, blogging, twittering - doing zillions of things that didn’t even exist then. My brother has grown up and doesn’t bully me, my teacher isn’t working with school, don't know where she is. My admiration for her vanished over all these years. Don't know where most of my friends are.

But one thing is for sure. My real world is far better than the illusions I had of it. Some incidents, some happenings may not be what I wanted it to be but I'm still happy with my real world.

Don't know about Alice, but I surely don’t want to live in Wonderland anymore.


aarkay said...

True to the spirit reflected in the Name of your blog "Life just couldn't be better."

NITYIN said...

Well, we all grow up.. don't we? We start enjoying life once we get out of the pressures from society who wants to see us in a particular way. Once we get out of pleasing everyone mode, life becomes a lot easier.