Monday, January 25, 2010

Of course 'Allll Izzzz Welll', but not with us

'Allll Izzzz Welll' is the latest psuedo-nymph that we have gathered from Bollywood, courtesy 3 Idiots. Last remarkable ones were - 'quete' for 'cute' and 'squeeze me' for 'excuse me' from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

3 Idiots is certainly a great film, great concept, an eye-opener of sorts but still I feel 'Allll Izzzz NOT Welll' with it. Yes, of course we need to have a progressive thinking and education is all about learning and not mugging. But it's still unfair to blame the education system for it.

The way our society runs and most importantly, the pressure created by it is equally to be blamed? How many of us would enroll our kids into a school where kids aren't not given any homework, and instead they are given activity sheets that involves some exercises and activity for the kids? Won't we think that the school is lousy and typical homework regime (involving writing and reading) would help kids learn the concepts ? Would we enroll our kids in a school where only grades mattered and not marks? (yes I know that some schools now offer grades but also mention marks simultaneously to keep things on track).

Don't know if many parents will volunteer for this. And this includes my parents too.

When I was in school, a bright student wanted to study Psychology with Biology. She aspired to be a behavioral analyst and thought this combination would work best for her. But the education board (CISCE, in this case) didn't really allow her to do that. There were three stringent streams of studies - Humanities (Arts), Science and Commerce.

Left with no choice, she opted for Humanities.

So what do you say for circumstances like these?

A better way could be to accept that things are not well, try to formulate and alternative education system it, check its practically and acceptability in the society before promoting it mindlessly. Check if it can help kids earn their bread and butter while they aren't really crumbling under the pressure to earn bright marks. Because life is not just Black and White. It's always Grey. Because at the end of the day we all have to earn our living, we need to choose professions and make a livingout of it - even Donald Trump does that.

So, no point talking about a fantasy world where ever thing is good and nice. Let's be little practical but yes, sensitive at the same time.


Sanjay said...


Just another wonderful blog post from you. Nice take. Absolutely practical. People are really tuned to this system and change is something that is not very easily accepted. But definitely as you have mentioned, it would be really good if people start to realize this fact and start to lower the pressure on their kids. It's ideal that this change occurs gradually and it would definitely get started once parents understand that there is no use of running and making your kids tired in this illusion of race amongst students.

Glad that you have been awesome again.


NITYIN said...

I also grew with the typical doctor/engineer mentality in the family. My family wanted to see me as an engineer and the rebel in me would not agree to it. Had it been my choice, I would have studied to be one. But when it is drilled 18 hours a day to you, I could not take it.

I know, I have not done great in my career but it had not been so lousy too.

aarkay said...

The points raised by you are well taken. Along with kids, their parents also find themselves at crossroads.Future is unpredictable whatever education you may go for. We have already seen the recent meltdown with all its ill effect- only things did not get as bad as the great depression of the thirties.
We may have to go for the Nayi Talim conceptualised by Mahatma Gandhi, even at the cost of appearing and looking regressive.