Friday, January 8, 2010

This day, that year - happiest moment of my existence

Today's lunch-on discussions routed to discuss the happiest day/moment of our lives. Some described their wedding days, other remembered their first dates, many talked about their birthdays and still one chirpy soul said, "It’ll be the day when I get married to Ms. X and drive her home in my dream car".

I leapt back in time. January 8, 2008 - the day when I discovered the priorities of my life and it eventually became the happiest day of my life.

REWIND - Jan 2008

Hectic work hours, crazy friends circle, loving family and a caring special soul - this was the portrait of my life.

I was juggling with many things that time. Like many others, I was pressurised for time, unsure of the way things could frame up in life. What should come first and what could become the second lead. But was still happy with the way things had shaped up.

Things came to a slow in January when mom had to undergo a surgery. Family was prepared for the surgery and post-surgery care for her. I had taken a month's leave from the office. Mom's surgery was a regular case, as per the docs. No major complications, they said. Touch wood.

Things turned hay wired on Jan 8 while she was being 'dressed up' for the surgery. She was administered 'anema' and other chemical stuff to clean the digestive tract. (I can recollect things vividly since I was her attendant there. We stayed in a VIP ward where I stayed with her all these days)

She woke up at 6am. She wore a shirt-dress, handed over by the hospital people. She took off her jewellery and hair let loose. It was a distinct sight to see mom like that. Without food, lying there. She had a blank face. And then she was being taken away on the stretcher. I wanted time to freeze for a moment, wanted to hug her. May be push away the staff coz I wanted to cuddle her.

That day, that instant I realised how much I missed her. We all love our moms, but that moment made me realise how hollow my life was without her.

She was operated in the next one and half hour and brought out of the OT in a semi-conscious state. Later, as the day passed by she gained more consciousness. She moved her eyes and tried to move her fingers too. That was the most precious moment of my life. I won’t trade off that emotion with any damn promotion, boyfriend, wealth and success.

This one moment, one realisation and one thought shook many of my misconceptions. It helped me priorotise things.

Fancy job titles can be put off for later in life, handsome hunks can come in and walk out of your life but precious little moments shared with parents cannot be replaced with another moment or opportunity.

This was my moment of bliss and happiness. Of course I have been a part of many jubilant celebrations (some personal, other related to fellows around) but this still remains my cherished moment.

What had been your most cherished moment? Share with me in the 'comments' section.


Pozicool said...

Hey Yoj...loved ur blog! The latter part of my year is filled with some really SWEET memories...will share it on my blog...meanwhile, ciao...n HAPPY NEW YEAR to you once more...Have a ROCKING year ahead! :)

Sanjay said...

Nice take Yojana. It's awesome. Moms are the best. I always say this to my mom - Mom, you are the only divine power I believe in. And truly they are.
Touched by the post.
Keep up the good work.


sourav mishra said...

Amazing. Tood good at expressing those moments...