Friday, January 15, 2010

Solar eclipse warnings - Superstition or Super Funny??? :)

"Will the eclipse cast a shadow upon your life?"

Funny, right? This was the subject of an email that I received from an astro website this morning (pic above, click to enlarge). I am not registered with them ('coz I think astrology is an outright sham) but these sites gather e-mail ids from anywhere to keep sending spams. Damn.

The email claimed that one 'celebrity astrologer' will predict my future and my prospects after the solar eclipse if I subscribe to their services. Stupid and outright dim-witted. This is what I precisely think of such claims.

If these astrologers can predict anybody's future, then why don't they read their own life-lines and predict self prosperity and disease? Why do they wear stones to appease the nakshatras (planets)? Why don’t they proclaim to be God? Can their silly predictions stop anyone from dying? Are they trying to replace God?

Anyway, the point here is very different. The lunch group at office postponed lunch to 4pm, after the eclipse precisely. Mom called up to warn me that I shouldn’t be having any food cooked before the eclipse, else I’d be doomed.

Please. Eclipse is a natural phenomenon. It will occur when it has to. Useless warnings like don't watch the eclipse - especially if you are pregnant, don’t have any food cooked before the eclipse and nothing more than a waste of time.

Astrologers spend years to catch a glimpse of this beautiful phenomenon, let’s keep it to that. Unless there is a serious logic that I m unaware of.


Pals_The Writer said...

Sheer nonsense... I ate food spl during that time...if anything has to will happen any which way! These superstitions are getting tech-friendly pushing ppl to the dark age...BEWARE

Anonymous said...

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NITYIN said...

Hey, I bought my new car the same day..!! All seems to be working great till now :)

Yojana said...

@Pals, Anonymous,NITYIN - Thanks for showing yur support. I too bought a Benetton T-shirt that day and hogged like crazy. Im alive and doing very fine. Doomed be the ones who still live in the dark ages.

Anonymous said...

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